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Picture Dr. Tobias Endress

Dr Tobias Endress

Tobias is co-founder and owner of Nemezki Business. He has professional experience at senior level in sales, business development, IT and marketing. In his career, he also gained in depth knowledge in innovation, change, and project management. Among others, he worked with Allianz Global Investors, Deutsche Bank and Metzler Bank, but is also experienced with smaller and start-up companies.

He has completed a professional training for banking, graduated in Computer Science and Business Administration at VWA Frankfurt, in Business Economics at Avans+, Breda (NL). He got a Master’s Degree in Leadership in Digital Communication at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen, as well as a Doctorate in Business Administration at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham. He is author of various book chapters and articles in international peer reviewed journals. He is Fellow of the EuroMed Academy of Business.

Languages: German, English

Dr Anton Pussep

Anton is co-founder of Nemezki Business. With his expertise in IT and software development, he is particularly interested in the digitalisation and optimization of business processes. As an experienced project manager, he has a track record of successful digitalisation projects. Among others he worked with the Deutsche Bundesbank, ERGO, Vaillant, and VNR Publishing.

Anton holds a joint degree in Computer Science and Economics from the Technische Universität Darmstadt. He also successfully completed a Doctorate at the same university where he conducted research on software firm strategies and business models.

Languages: German, English, Russian

Extended Network

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is marc-rainer-nathmann.jpgDr Marc Nathmann

For legal matters, we rely on the expertise of attorney Dr. Marc Nathmann. He is expert in commercial law. He also knows the complexities behind digital and fintech business models and has expertise in establishing new business models and with start-up companies.

Furthermore, we alias with marketing agencies, tax advisors and other experts depending on the specific needs of your project. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.