Mission Statement

The world is becoming more and more integrated and international cooperation is getting increasingly important. We have therefore founded the Nemezki Business project to make our contribution in this context. We would like to help established companies to reach new markets, but also to support start-ups to build up healthy growth. We would like to use our know-how to help spread good ideas and strengthen meaningful cooperation.

The German economy is the biggest market for goods and services in Europe. Its central location is ideal for companies seeking to acquire new customers and to pursue further expansion. Beyond that, the entrance from Germany to further European markets is quite compelling. First of all, of course, there are neighbouring, German-speaking countries: Austria and Switzerland. However, due to the integration of the European Union, expansion into other countries from a “base” in Germany is often a successful strategy.

No matter how far you want to go, detailed knowledge of local customers and market structures is a crucial determinant of your future performance – we can help you with that! We are at your disposal with our expertise and our network of experienced partners and specialists. Please talk with us about opportunities for your business!